Well-rounded community analysis service

Using our cutting edge observation indicators to help you analyze the management data of your fans page, as well as provide you with professional management advice.


Innovative community indicator

Using community internet serach technology, we will organize the observation indicators into 4 graphics, you can have the information at a glance.

  • Community growth rate: Quantity of fans does not mean growth, using cutting edge technology indicators, Lupa present you with accurate growth rate of fans pages.
  • Levels of sustainability: Can accurately reflect your influence in your community. Not just the number of likes, you have to pat close attention of the rate of return visits to your fans page.
  • Information dissemination rate: Faster the information disseminates the more you have influence that counts. This is the start of a successful community management.
  • Fans interaction rate: Can be used to examine your enthusiasm on community management. A good fans interaction can solidify your basic clientele, creating good business opportunities.

Proactive “community analyst advice on management”

Through ongoing and systematic advice and information, Lupa’s community analyst can help you achieve fast growth!

  • Management advice: We will tell you the main point of community management for the following week.
  • Posts operation: We recommend direction for your posts, and promote highly interactive operation.
  • Situation analysis: We will provide you with professional analysis report, based on your current management situation on fans page.
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Post Tracking

Systematic analysis of your most effective posts, and replicate successful management structure.

  • Through 4 major innovative indicators, we will help you find the highest performance posts, including: Widest-shared, most sustained, most disseminated, andhighest interaction.
  • Special indicators on failed posts: We are not afraid of failures. We learn from failed indicators to provide feedback for posts adjustment, avoid future unsuccessful posts
  • Best time to post: Every fans page structure is different, times of traffic is different too. You will gain from Lupa’s specialized formulaic calculation to find out the most active timeframe for your community, in order to manage it more effectively and efficiently.

Fans structure change

Do you really understand the structure and nature of your fans page? Cast your net where the fishes are! Let Lupa help you find your target clientele!

  • Structure analysis: Helping you further understand your community’s structure. This will help you to decide on advertising contents and focus.
  • Capture your die-hard fans: We can provide you with a name list of your most loyal fans, and their footprints on your community.
  • Expand new fans groups: Control your reach, this can help you to expand outward on fans group.

Report Production

Still wondering how to present reports? Utilize Lupa to solve that problem with a simple click!

  • Turn data analysis into easy to understand report for supervisors and/ or clients. Save you some time.